The following tables and graphs are created from the weather data, once a day, just after local midnight.

Top 10 Daily Pressure Changes

2012-03-0270.6 hPa973.4 hPa1044.0 hPa
2012-10-2263.0 hPa958.0 hPa1021.0 hPa
2011-10-1650.6 hPa968.7 hPa1019.3 hPa
2011-12-0848.1 hPa965.4 hPa1013.5 hPa
2012-06-0741.2 hPa956.3 hPa997.5 hPa
2012-02-1440.6 hPa982.4 hPa1023.0 hPa
2007-12-1036.9 hPa986.0 hPa1022.9 hPa
2012-08-0536.0 hPa1001.0 hPa1037.0 hPa
2008-02-0634.2 hPa995.6 hPa1029.8 hPa
2012-07-2532.8 hPa984.5 hPa1017.3 hPa

All-Time Wind Direction Distribution

DirectionCountMinimum SpeedMaximum SpeedAverage Speed
SSW1562470.2 mph19.7 mph3.54 mph
W1438680.2 mph21.2 mph3.32 mph
NW1084080.2 mph20.8 mph3.63 mph
WNW978500.2 mph20.1 mph3.67 mph
WSW828040.2 mph20.3 mph3.46 mph
S736180.2 mph19.1 mph3.64 mph
SE552430.2 mph18.2 mph2.95 mph
SW502520.2 mph21.2 mph4.13 mph
NNW345350.2 mph19.1 mph3.52 mph
SSE325220.2 mph17.3 mph3.50 mph
ESE289530.2 mph14.9 mph3.04 mph
NNE232550.2 mph20.3 mph3.00 mph
NE202950.2 mph19.7 mph2.99 mph
N196570.2 mph21.6 mph3.20 mph
ENE125200.2 mph15.7 mph2.95 mph
E93350.2 mph16.8 mph3.04 mph

Wind Distribution Compass


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