Below are some of the tools used to manage the data from my weather station. Many of them are written in ruby and are designed to work with the type of log files created by Open3600. It's unlikely that any of them will be directly useful to someone else but I offer them in the hope that they can be modified for someone else's use.

rollavg - Utility to calculate a rolling average

rollavg is a bit of ruby code that is used when producing many of the graphs. It can produce a rolling mean or mode average and also has support for averaging compass positions (useful for getting an average wind direction — that's especially useful for producing a wind compass graph).

wxWindCompass - Create data for plotting a wind compass

wxWindCompass is a tool for generating wind data that can be used to plot a wind compass. It is fed (on stdin) a list of wind speed and wind direction values and the resulting output can be passed to a tool such as gnuplot to plot the compass.

Note that the number of lines of data is passed as the first parameter on the command line.

wxbaddata - Utility for checking Open3600 log files

The WS3600 seems to have a rare and random problem with recording pressure readings. Now and again it will either record a value of 11111.0 hPa or will record a pressure reading that's very different from the surrounding readings (often just for 1 minute, rarely for a couple of minutes).

wxbaddata is a tool I wrote for scanning my log files and looking for potentially bad pressure readings so I can note them and go back and correct them if they look wrong.

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